Bus shelter advertising has evolved over the years as the technology to provide these services has evolved. Our bus shelters offer the latest technology, and cost-saving options, keeping the price of advertising as low as possible.


Our state of the art bus shelters come equipped with the latest LED screens, eliminating the cost of printed posters or roller banners, and your image can easily be replaced or modified. Do you have a seasonal sale or new product launch? Just let us know and we can replace your image with ease.

We currently have six locations under construction, and will go live in January 2018. Filling a funding gap on behalf of Donegal County Council, we have provided these bus shelters at no cost to the taxpayer.


The six sites are in high traffic areas, and are in regular use by commuters availing of the bus service, as well as in high visibility areas for passing motorists, positioned on the main arterial routes through Inishowen, and along the start of the Wild Atlantic Way.


St. Mary’s Road, Buncrana - 10,000 vehicles per day
Cockhill Road, Buncrana - 12,500 vehicles per day
Market Square, Buncrana - 10,000 vehicles per day
The Diamond, Carndonagh - 6,300 vehicles per day
Main Street, Moville - 5,200 vehicles per day
Derry Road, Fahan - 8,000 vehicles per day
*Statistics provide by Roads Department, Donegal County Council

Your advert will be seen up to 52,000 times per day!

Do you measure page impressions on your website?
Do you review your analytics on social media ad campaigns?
While many businesses are opting for social media advertising, in a time when print media is declining, bus shelter advertising consistently returns a high return on investment with huge numbers in comparable page impressions.


Using our ad scheduling software, and on a screen share basis, up to six advertisers can avail of our bus shelter ad services at any one time. The adverts will run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year!


Using the screenshare format, your ad will appear for 10 minutes every hour of the day. This is broken down into 30-second intervals,  allowing 20 appearances per hour of each advertisers image.

Thanks to our image management systems, you can change the image on your advert in many ways. You can allocate some of your hourly slots to one type of advert and then switch to a different ad at different times of the day, or you might choose to allocate your times to different products throughout the day.

Either way, we’ve got you covered, and we can help advise on your campaign, and how best to use our service.


This is a unique opportunity for a select few advertisers in the Inishowen area. Space is limited to just six advertisers, across all six, high- traffic locations in the peninsula.

Planning permission has been granted by Donegal County Council for the provision of these services, and construction is set to be completed in January 2018.

For Information & Enquires

Contact: 086 8628 757  Or Email: info@notoriousevents.ie